Magic -0™

Magic Salt is the most efficient and cost-effective method of snow removal with minimal environmental damage.

Magic-0™ (Minus Zero) is a highly effective liquid de-icing agent made from a patented blend of magnesium chloride combined with an agricultural by-product of the distilling process (i.e. grain and/or sugar based) and is protected under U.S. patent #4,676,918. No other liquid ice melter can make this claim.

Magic-0™ (Minus Zero) is non-toxic, biodegradable and has a corrosion index lower than distilled water. Magic-0™ can be applied directly to paved surfaces in advance of a winter storm, or can be sprayed onto regular rock salt, transforming it into Magic Salt, a highly effective ice melting product. We can even spray your bulk salt! Contact us today!


Magic-0™ (Minus Zero) is applied as an anti-icing agent prior to a snow or ice storm event using a spray tank system with a spray bar, preventing snow and ice from bonding to the pavement. Plowing removes all packed snow and ice. Black ice cannot form as long as there is no major run off. The tank/spray system easily converts from anti-icing to de-icing.


Magic-0™ (Minus Zero) is an effective on-board pre-wetting agent for rock salt. It is safer on concrete than traditional Ice Melters, and reduces damage to curbside grassed areas or plants, and continues to melt ice to below -35Fo. Magic-0™ can be used in any on-board system. However, because of its viscosity, all filters and screens must be removed from your system; otherwise clogging may occur. It is completely safe to handle and unlike typical on-board liquid chemicals, it will not corrode or degrade mechanical or electrical components on your vehicle or equipment. Magic-0™ may be used in place of diesel for pre-wetting prior to asphalt transportation.